Flavor Evaluation

Lead Designer • User Experience Design • 2020-2021

Analogous documentation processes were having a negative impact on the business.

To address this hurdle, it was imperative to design a digital transformation journey that operationalized tasting session management, captured records, and optimized customer feedback.

The Challenge

Analogous documentation was impacting product development, customer experience, and sales opportunities for this client.


The Goal

To increase sales opportunities by 30% by establishing a system of record for tasting sessions and an interconnected customer experience to capture feedback.

The Result

Account managers reported a 50% increase in sales opportunities, surpassing the north star metric of 30%.

Additionally, customers whose projects were tested using Ambrosia got to market faster by average of 23%.


Case Study

Dive into a two-year digital transformation journey that enabled food technologists to collaborate across projects, track the product development history, and collect, visualize, and take action based on data-informed feedback from customers.

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