Patient Records for Humans

Lead Designer • Innovation Challenge • 2019

Traditionally, health plans have stored digital health records in categorical databases.

Medical claims, pharmacy claims, calls, letters, hospital stays, and health program participation are all stored in disparate places.

With advanced data processing and analytics, it is now possible to stitch these data sources about a patient’s history into logical time order.

The Challenge

Presenting medical data in a way that would allow senior patients to make sense of even the most complex chronic history.


The Goal

To cut costs for people with multiple chronic conditions, prevent polypharmacy, and engage the population by matching individuals with habits that fit their mental models.

The Result

Vesalius was awarded 2nd Place in the Innovation Challenge and praised for its patient-centric approach to healthcare management.


Case Study

This work covers a two-week design sprint to solve for accessible medical records for Medicare patients.

This project was awarded 2nd place at an Innovation Challenge sponsored by Humana, a health plans and provider networks enterprise in the USA.

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